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Renovate your building’s roof

Reduce your roof renovation costs with photovoltaics 

Sun’R can help you finance and renovate your roof by installing a solar roof on your building. Photovoltaic solar power is a cost-effective way of modernizing and adding value to your building, particularly if your roof is in need of renovation related to waterproofing or the presence of asbestos.

Want to modernize and bring your building up to standard by renovating your roof? Install rooftop photovoltaic panels!

A solution tailored to every need

To renovate your roof with photovoltaics, you need a customized solution that adapts to the specific requirements of your building. Whether for industrial or commercial buildings, photovoltaic panels enable you to combine roof renovation with renewable energy production, while meeting current environmental and economic challenges.

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Un bâtiment agricole vert dont le toit est équipé de panneaux photovoltaïques.
A favorable regulatory framework

Current regulations are encouraging the development of photovoltaic roofing to meet ambitious targets for the development of renewable energies, particularly solar power.

The installation of solar panels on your roof is an effective response to the regulatory constraints imposed by the new legislation.

Ensure your compliance

This solution is particularly suitable for:

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Real estate companies
Service companies

A favorable regulatory framework:

Immeuble de bureaux dont le toit est équipé de panneaux photovoltaïques.

Tertiary Decree

The Tertiary Decree imposes a 40% reduction in energy consumption by 2030 for existing tertiary buildings spanning over 1,000 m². The reference period for this reduction must be between 2010 and 2020. This measure is designed to encourage building owners and managers to adopt energy efficiency measures in order to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. To ensure compliance with this obligation, your energy consumption will be calculated on the basis of the consumption supplied by the electrical grid: self-consumption of the energy produced by your rooftop solar power plant is an effective means of achieving compliance.

Ensure your compliance
Hangar de stockage équipé d'une toiture photovoltaïque.

French Climate and Resilience Law

Depuis le 1er janvier 2023, la loi climat et résilience impose de nouvelles normes environnementales dans la construction ou la rénovation lourde de bâtiments, dont l’obligation de solariser au moins 30% de la surface totale de la toiture. Sont concernées toutes les constructions à vocation industrielles ou commerciales dont l’emprise au sol est supérieure à 500 m², les constructions d’immeuble de bureau dont l’emprise au sol est supérieure à 1000m², et toutes les rénovations lourde de toiture dont la surface dépasse 500m². Installer une toiture photovoltaïque sur votre bâtiment garantie votre mise en conformité.

Ensure your compliance
Numerous benefits
  • Improve your building’s energy performance with a renovated roof that is more weather-resistant and reduces energy losses. Your building doesn’t just consume electricity, it also generates it
  • Benefit from cost-effective renovation: Sun’R Power covers all or part of the cost of the work
  • Participate in the energy transition by producing carbon-free, local energy
  • Consolidate your CSR initiatives and environmental commitments
  • Meet regulatory obligations
  • For flat roofs: minimum surface area of 5,000 m²
  • For pitched roofs: minimum surface area of 2,500 m²


panneaux solaires et ciel
panneaux solaires sur toiture

A customized turnkey project:

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Analysis of your site

We carry out a comprehensive analysis of your site, assessing the technical characteristics of the building and roof. We design a power plant tailored to your needs. Our teams determine the power to be installed and the proportion to be allocated to your own consumption in the case of self-consumption projects for all or part of the electricity produced.

Design Tools
Technical dimension

The Sun’R Power design office checks all the criteria that will determine the success of your photovoltaic project. This step enables us to design a photovoltaic system tailored to your roof and to your building’s projected electricity consumption in the event of self-consumption. Our development team then initiates the various stages of the approval process (modifying building permits, securing rates, connection request, etc.).

Construction Blueprint

Sun’R supervises the entire construction process of your photovoltaic roof. We maintain the highest standards of quality and safety throughout the construction process, and organize regular inspections.

Monitoring and maintenance

Once your solar power plant has been commissioned, our operation and maintenance (O&M) department ensures that your solar canopies are running smoothly, and that maintenance is carried out quickly and efficiently. This daily monitoring and the tools we use to manage our projects guarantee the long-term viability of your installation.