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PPA expertise

A PPA (Private Purchase Agreement) is an over-the-counter electricity purchase/sale contract between an independent producer of renewable electricity and a corporate (Corporate PPA) or local authority customer. 


  • Gain control and long-term visibility of your electricity purchases
  • Diversify and secure your supply
  • Strengthen your commitment to the transition
  • Be at the forefront of a fast-growing trend
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Self-consumption is an effective and sustainable solution for controlling your energy bills.


  • Control your expenses and limit your electricity purchases
  • Decarbonize your balance sheet
  • Strengthen your commitment to the transition
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Land leasing

The provision of vacant land or land undergoing redevelopment enables the installation of ground-mounted solar power plants. The landowner receives rent for the duration of the plant’s operation.

  • Add value to derelict or vacant land
  • Receive fixed, regular income
  • Contribute to the energy transition in your region
  • Turnkey, biodiversity-friendly and reversible projects

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Design, selection, financing, construction, modernization, renovation and solarization. Benefit from the Sun’R Group’s cutting-edge technology and culture of innovation for your photovoltaic and hydroelectric infrastructure projects.


  • Solarization of roofs, parking canopies and buildings
  • Upgrading and compliance with the French Renewable Energy Acceleration Law
  • Infrastructure and building renovation
  • Customized project financing
  • Modernization of hydroelectric and PSH projects
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You are a farmer or a cooperative and wish to make the most of the potential that agrivoltaic equipment can provide, as a work tool or to secure your farm’s income. Sun’R and Sun’Agri combine their complementary expertise to serve you.

  • Project support
  • Agronomic monitoring and agricultural services
  • Customized financing
  • Sun’Agri technology (five patents, Sitevi Innovation Awards)

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Project ownership and operation

Every project is unique. We tailor our support to your needs, and provide the right experts for every problem and every assignment.


  • Project ownership
  • Project management
  • Maintenance
  • Project support and co-development
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Traceability and local loop

As a subsidiary of Sun’R, Volterres was created to add value to the electricity we produce in our own power plants and those of our partners, to encourage the integration of renewable energy projects within local communities, and to bring producers and consumers closer together.


    • Electricity certification and traceability
    • Short-circuit energy supply
    • Green electricity supply
    • Advice on buying and selling electricity
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